Translocation of fauna species on the project site and laydown areas were performed prior to and during the construction phase, the Ghaf tree which was declared the national tree of the UAE in 2008 because of its cultural and traditional significance was identified in the pre-construction survey and translocated to ecological friendly zone. The UAE is a signatory to, and has ratified, several international protocols and conventions. As such the UAE and NAQA’A is committed to the principles and policies therein. The project delivery and operational plant therefore complies with the environmental requirements of the international treaties and conventions to which the UAE is a signatory:

As an operating plant, and in line with the principles set out in the UAE environmental regulations NAQA’A is committed to the ideals and practices of environmental responsibility through measures designed to:

  • promote good environmental practice and awareness of its environmental policies and issues amongst operating management and personnel;
  • promote the continued development of best practices and expertise in environmental disciplines in order to provide knowledge and capacity building related to environmental sustainability;
  • promote practices consistent with environmental protection, both within and outside the plant and business operations;
  • minimize the negative impact of the operational plant on the environment, through a process of continual improvement in environmental performance;
  • take into account the principles of sustainable development in conducting its administrative, commercial and social activities;
  • participate in local initiatives to improve the quality of the environmental;
  • implement this policy through a comprehensive plan with measurable goals and with monitoring and analysis of performance against the plan.

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