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Thank you for visiting our website, that demonstrates who we are and how we are contributing to winning the continuous global battle of providing more innovative, sustainable and efficient ways to supply water to homes and communities.
I am extremely proud to have worked on the project from its inception in 2020, to the daily reality of now managing NAQA'A Desalination Plant's purpose, of providing clean sustainable water for Umm Al Quwain & the UAE in general.

When I look back at the journey when the project was first conceptualised, it was decided there and then that the environment was the number one priority and making sure our indigenous plants, wildlife and the local community were protected. We then added to our enterprise goals and challenges by coupling them with an audacious project delivery timeline, maintaining the health and safety of all employees working on the project, both through construction and operations following into production, which would give our stakeholders the operations and growth strategy we signed up to.
By choosing the right partners at the beginning that shared our vision and mission, never deviating from our day-to-day core values of putting the safety, environment and people first has been instrumental in our success and achievements.
Our superior results have solely been attributed to by sharply reacting to unforeseen market challenges like the global pandemic. That event alone marked a milestone in construction challenges not ever foreseen before globally.

I can confidently say, we now offer desalinated water every day to millions of consumers in homes and the wider communities facilities.
We are not stopping there; over the next 35 years we aim to continuously drive results and meet our corporate goals by continuously benchmarking our costs and services by using innovative technology as it becomes available and by enhancing our sustainable solutions within NAQA'A Desalination Plant.
We have already implemented and committed to some green initiatives in the plant such as solar technology for producing hot water for the continuous cleaning of the membranes and thus reducing a major power consumption within the plant. Living by our core values of Safety, people, and the environment first, we aim to continue to be the best service provider in the region.
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Yours Sincerely,

David Binley


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